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  • Mobile TCP  v.1.2Software for forwarding server connections to the correct server, made for people traveling with a laptop, connecting to different networks. Most used for forwarding SMTP connections from your mail program to the correct SMTP server.
  • SocketWrench Standard Edition  v.4.5The SocketWrench Standard Edition consists of a library and ActiveX control which uses the Windows Sockets API to provide basic TCP/IP networking functionality to your application. Support for standard client and server connections is included.
  • SocketWrench Secure Edition  v.4.5The SocketWrench Secure Edition consists of a library and ActiveX control which uses the Windows Sockets API to provide basic TCP/IP networking functionality to your application. Support for standard and secure (SSL) client and server connections.
  • Popcorn  v.1.86* Works as a client/server application, reading mail "directly" from POP servers.* Send and receive mail using secure SSL encrypted server connections. (More details in the "Send and receive mail using SSL in Popcorn" section).* Ideally suited for ...
  • WebFtp  v.3.0WebFtp 3.0 is an Ftp Client with many new and enhanced features.We have tried to keep it simple and at the same time provide accessto some of the more advanced features of FTP protocol.Features: Free upgrades for Life!Multi server connections, ...
  • The Lock XP  v.5.06.0102The Lock XP provides user audit, access control, Internet and system security for any computer running Windows 95 to Windows XP (with Fast User Switching [also supports Terminal Server Connections]), and now supports Windows Server 2003. The Lock XP ...
  • ZIRC  v.0.6.5zIrc is an irc client written in pure java. It supports multi-server connections, dcc file sharing, mirc-compatible text coloration, smilies, a simple, intuitive interface... It has everything you may need to make your irc experience easy and ...
  • AKKSoft Remote Desktop Manager  v.2.0As a small software used to manage all your remote server connections and virtual machine from a single interface, AKKSoft Remote Desktop Manager lets you add, edit, delete, share, organize or find your remote connections quickly and easily.
  • Red Piper  v.1.0The Red Piper project simplifies client/server connections. Standard connection stacks on market-leading app server and client platforms frees developers from Web browsers, and enables native clients.
  • Server Health Notifier  v.1.4Powerful, simple and easily configured system monitor application for notifying about the system resources problems of a local or remote computer. With the help of this product you'll be instantly informed of your server problems! You'll be able to ...
  • Mac OS X Server Combo  v.10.5.5Mac OS X Server Combo 10.5.5 is such a fast, effective application which lets users effortlessly share files, schedule meetings and events, exchange instant messages, send and receive mail on the Internet, access the organization"s network remotely, ...
  • HSLAB Free HTTP Monitor  v.1.9.0HSLAB HTTP Monitor is a complete solution for visualization of the connections and performance data for Apache servers Web in real time. The information is collects remotely, the server and the HTTP Monitor can works in different places.
  • DummyServer  v.1.1"DummyServer" is a simple TCP server program, written in Java, which can listen on one or more ports for client connections.
  • PbFtpClient  v.6.1Professional easy to use FTP Client for the home or business.
  • JIRC Client  v.0.1.0-BetajIRC is an mIRC-like IRC client for Windows operating systems.
  • JLop  v.1.05.264JLop is a Java 6 OpenNap Client similar to WinMx,Lopster,Napster.
  • HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro  v.2.1.0Advanced real-time statistics and monitoring utility for Windows. HSLAB Sys Monitor uses some advanced technologies for mesuring and logging system components. The sensors permanently monitor behind parameters of the system.
  • Beyond Remote  v. Day Free Trial. Fast, Powerful Remote Access Software for PCs and entire networks. Features Include: Wake On LAN, Support for XP Remote Desktop & Terminal Server Connections, File Transfer, Chat, Boot/Reboot/Shutdown, Great Technical Support ...
  • SecureBackup HOME: Online Backup  v.3.0Unlimited Online Backup: Don't lose your precious family photos or videos. Backup your music collection, email, and other important documents with our fully automated and secure, online backup solution. SecureBackup is very easy-to-use. 14-Day Trial.
  • WS_FTP Professional  v.12* Keyboard-Interactive Authentication: Client support for dynamic client-server authentication. Users can authenticate and connect to SSH servers that require connecting clients to respond to server defined prompts for authentication, in addition to ...
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